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My name is Olu James Omosule, and if you don't know who I am, I would not be surprised. I am a board member of Scope America Outreach. I am also a concerned citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, deeply loyal to its progressive democratic ideals. Those ideals are currently being threatened. To prevent them, we need to understand our politics as well as possible. I am actively involved with current affairs around the world. I am seeking the office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to continue to strengthen democracy, work towards making Nigeria a better country for our youth, local businesses and all citizens. I will offer amazing infrastructure, excellent schools, affordable housing and special incentives to encourage businesses and industry around the globe to locate in Nigeria. The Nigerian elites have been fighting a culture war. The main battlefield is the brain. At stake is what Nigeria is to be. Their goal is to radically change Nigeria to fit their moral worldview. The treat is to democracy and all that goes with it.

Nigerian values are fundamentally progressive, centered on equality, human rights, social responsibility, and the inclusion of all. Yet masses have, without knowing why, given the Elites an enormous advantage in the culture war. The radical Elites seek and have already begun to introduce: an authoritarian hierarchy based on vast concentrations and control of wealth; order based on fear, intimidation, and obedience; a broken government; no balance of power; priorities shifted from the public sector to the corporate and military sectors; responsibility shifted from society to the individual; control of elections through control of who votes and how the votes are counted; control of ideas through the media; and patriarchal family values projected upon religion, politics, and the market. The future of democracy is at stake now. Social change is material (who controls what wealth), institutional (who runs what powerful institutions), and political (who wins elections).

Politics is about moral values. Every political leader presents his or her policies on the grounds that they are right, that is, they are moral. How do we know this? After all, there is an opposing view that all politics is a matter of money, power, and organization. Those are obviously vital to any winning politics. But if that were all there were to it, if there were no moral issues involved, then it would not matter who wins, except for who gets the patronage. But in Nigeria today, moral issues are central. it does matter morally who wins. That is why I am contesting for the office of the President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2019.

During the PDP reign we have seen what I called an empathy deficit, a failure to care, both about others and each other. Caring is not just feeling empathy; it is taking responsibility, acting powerfully and courageously. You have to be strong to care, and to act on that care with success like me. The ethics of care shapes government. Care requires that government have two intertwined roles: protection and empowerment. To me. protection is more that just the army, police, and fire fighter. It means social welfare, disease control and public health, safe food, disaster relief, health care, consumer and worker protection, and environmental protection.  

I was born in Owo in Ondo State, Nigeria on September 3rd, 1969. I was raised by my parents Chief and Mrs. Omosule.  I attend Saint Patrick primary school, Owo in Ondo state and later attend Owo, high school, Owo, Ondo State. I then move to Ikaro high School, Ikaro, Ondo State to finish my high school, I wanted to be close to my grandfather. There I met different tribe of people who care for me just as their son. Right after my high school, I was lucky enough to obtain visa to the United States for my post secondary school. I was admitted to City University of New York to study Mechanical Engineering. My third year tragedy struck back home my grandmother was ill and I had to drop out to take second job so I can pay her medical bills and continue to maintain and the support to family/ friends that where in need in Nigeria. She died from that illness few years later because of lack of proper medical care.  During my work, I start to learned business through reading books, global economy and the scope of industrialization around the world. I quickly work my way up to corporate ladder and obtained work in American corporations. In the process of this I got to travel around the world more than three times. 

I like to save, I don’t believe in waste, I guess it’s from my upbringing, since we didn’t have much and the little we had was to be properly managed. I remember when my mother used to wait for us to finished eating before she will eat, it took me several months to figure out why, I came to find out, she didn’t have enough for all of us, so she would give us what she had and when we were done eating only then would she eat the remains. When I realized this, my heart was broken, what could I do? I was only a child of 10 years, ever since then I decided not to finish my food. Even if I was hungry, I would play with my food just like a normal child would eat as if he/she did not like the food. Would get up and tell my mother that I was full. Then my mother would merge my food with my younger brother and sister’s plate. This is what she ate for the night. From time to time I noticed that my mother would have more to eat. I was happy even when I went to bed hungry.  I later found work with local shop to help mother out.

Growing up was hard on my family, just as it is hard on every average Nigerian family today.  I know what it is to be poor, I can relate to that pain and suffering. I remember drinking Gari, three times a day and thinking to myself this is a good day; I would sometimes drink a lot of water just to sleep.

When I went to high school, I had to walk many kilometers to school and back every day. The worst of it is when on my way home from school, I thought of  what my brother, sister and mother are going to have for dinner that night and it became my problem.

On a good day at the shop, I helped out loading of the truck. When I came in that day I arrange for some friends to help out unloading. Then the shop keeper gave me money I shared my pay among other guys. This is where I began to have sense of leadership. Giving of time my, coordinating the work load and how to arrange it later became my responsibility. The shop keeper notices this and began to give me more responsibility. He also notices that I have customer skills; I was able to persuaded customer on the best brand to buy and also on how they could save money.

I came to understand affection for people when I came to learn that my grandfather, the man who took care of my father from youth needed help. My father lost his parents at early age.  I came to realized that my grandfather worked on the farm alone, I couldn’t let this happen. So every school break instead of traveling to somewhere for holiday I would spend it in the village with my grandfather. I helped him out on the farm. There were so many problem with the farmer during that time, I would always asked questions of him, why he couldn’t do this or do that and make things easy for himself. He can only carry little from the farm on his bike, which is when the bike is in good shape, majority of time he had to walk two and a half hours to the farm then back again. The roads were so bad. I asked him how could we get his crops to the market, he said by bicycle or sometimes if he had helper they would help him carried some of the crop to the main road which is about one hour away. So what he did was take the little he could eat with him and bring a little more to sell to the woman at the market. I see this as a problem, high prices in food commodities. My grandfather has passed on now it is sad to see that he will not benefit from the agricultural reform that I will proposed to the country when I become president. If he were alive today He would be proud of me, Because of my ability to look at problems that faces our agricultural sector, I can quickly evaluate the cause as well as find solution to the problem. I have experience in what farmers go through. With that knowledge I can provide a more practical solution to this situation so that other grandfathers, grandmothers and all the farmers throughout Nigeria will not have to go through the suffering that my grandfather endured. This is the view that will lead us to right conduct of action.

2003 my father had an accident between Lagos and Ore express road, his car ran under a parked trailer late at night, he was under the trailer till next morning and no ambulance service around to take him to the hospital. But later a motorist stopped and took him to nearest hospital, where he later died from complications. I lost my father because of our unsafe roads, and a parked trailer without signs to indicate it was a parked trailer, so because there were no first response teams to come to his rescue, I lost my father. Without the lack of ill equipped hospitals, my father could have been alive today. If we had all these things in place we would not lose our family members like this. You must know someone who has also died in this manner. My father died at the age of 69. This is personal to me,  so I’m going to make sure that when I become the president of Nigeria in 2019, not only we will have those things in place, I will make sure that their response time is quicker so we will have a chance to save our family members. There is no need for someone to lose a family member like I did; this can be prevented.

I love to roll up my sleeves and work hard, I also hold people responsible for their action. I believe in being happy with what you have. When I worked as a General Manager for a restaurant chain in the United States, I had organizational skills and rebranding skills. The corporation asked me to make a massive change to the face of some restaurants that were losing money and about to close down due to the lack of unstable employees and cleanliness; this brought the propriety down in the profit margin.  I’m knowledgeable when it comes to looking into a business at a customer's point of view. I was assigned to a location to take over the management of a restaurant. When I got there to survey the area, I met with the employees and gave them instructions for what needed to be done before I resume my post. When I return, only half of the list I gave to them was done. This resulted in the firing of the entire crews. The only ones that were saved were those who were on vacation. I’m a no nonsense kind a boss but at the same time I’m always fair and generous. At one point one of my assistant manager’s stole six dollars from the safe and when I found out, I had to let her go. Because of her betrayal of my trust, I had to set an example for the rest of employees. Accountability is very important when managing people; you have to lead by example.  

I hate injustice. It makes my blood boiled. I sometimes wonder if these oppressors realizing what their actions are doing to the people around them. I am never afraid to stand up for others, I believe that no one is above the law and this law that I’m referring to is the law of the Almighty. I believe we all came to this world just like one in the same. I always got in trouble when I was in high school. Because I went against my teachers and my seniors because of the brutality we faced most of the time. Whenever our seniors comes around to meet the whole class it was chaos, he/she would asked everyone of us to stepped outside in the sun to kneel down. I found this to be an unproductive approach and when I couldn’t take anymore, I decided that something had to be done about it. Whenever punishment arises, I volunteered and said I was the cause of the chaos. Instead of punishing the whole class, I should be the one being punished. I believed it make no sense to punished the whole entire class when they could be doing more tangible things with their time. I would take the responsibility of the class and let them stayed in and continuing with their studies. My life has been about fighting for the little people, people who cannot speak for themselves. 

Along with all of my skills, ideas and intellect that God has graced me with, He also has gifted me with the ability to see the good in people and being able to pick the right people for the right job, so I am set to take up a new challenge; I wanted to re-brand one of the poorest countries in Africa. I wrote letters to five poor countries in Africa. I wanted to help their nations recover from being third world to first nation. Prior to that I had written to President Olusegun Obasanjo, and each time he was in the office to allowed me to serve as voluntary in his administration as a country restructure agent, Nigeria is my country and I wanted to serve the nation for free of charge, I also wrote to President Yar’dua in 2007 because I believe I have the right motive and view of what our nation needs to be a global economic competitor. But I never did receive any reply. This was why I wanted to help other African nations.

With my business skills, economic sound mind, and the love for my country, I realized that I can pick a candidate to support and run for the Presidency of The Federal republic of Nigeria in 2019 and win the election.

How can I be sure that he will do what he promises to the people? This is why I decide to run for office of the president myself, because I know I am trust worthy and I know myself well enough to know that I don’t make false promises. But my administration will work hard and fast for you and your family. I would rather be accused of breaking precedents than breaking promises.

I am running for the president of Nigeria because of the urgency of now. Because I believe that there’s such a thing as being too late and this hour is almost upon us. My life is not more precious than our men and women in uniform; they lay down their lives for us every day. Nigerian politics are known as a dirty game. But this symbolizes those who have die fighting for a better Nigeria: Gani Fawehinmi, Fela Anikulapo, Ken Saro Wiwa and Dele Giwa. We must take a moment to pray for their families; for they have given so much for the country that they have loved so dearly. 

I am a very passionate, patriotic person with a deep love for Nigeria.  I have maintained my loyalty and give no oath of allegiance to any nation but Nigeria. I spend most of my time fighting injustice and poverty around the world by actively engaging in many non-governmental organizations.
 If given the opportunity to lead and serve the people of Nigeria, I will build and sustain an honest, loyal and sincere government. I will make justice transparent in our government, in our fundamental philosophy and our operational framework in running the affairs of our great nation if I am to be elected into office in the forthcoming presidential election in 2019.

I am strongly in favor of the promotion and enforcement of individual rights. I believe in the principle of a free market also the creation and sustenance of the enabling legal framework this will help to ensure that corporate rights do not trample upon individual rights.  I believe that the country needs a strong national defense. I believe in rule of law, that our constitution is the law of the land. 

As a poor man by birth, I do understand the problems that we as a people face in poverty. As a president or any other leader in this country WE must understand the impact that this tragic effect of poverty has on our nation. We do need somebody who can unite this country together. I...Mr. Omosule, am ready and willing to take on this challenge for the country I love so dearly. The time of change is arriving to Nigeria; a wave of prosperity is on the horizon, I...OLu James Omosule, am a new kind of leader for the new and refreshed Nigeria. 

Man is not a creature of circumstances. Circumstances are the creature of men; you and I will shape our circumstances to fit our needs. This is not just a problem for the administration; it is a problem for all of us to solve together. I know that we can face any prospect and do anything that has to be done as long as we know the truth of what we are up against.

Today, I pledge to make a contract with the citizens of Federal Republic of Nigeria, that when I become the President of the Nigeria I will hold every member of my cabinet responsible and accountable for every action they take while occupying their office. I will ask each and every one of them to work hard and give their best at all times for low pay; this is just another way to serve the people. Every member of my cabinet will sign a contract and agreement to work honestly, faithfully, efficiently and effectively. We will listen to the people and not abuse the office we serve.

 My Leadership skills

My formal training had been of an entirely engineering then later jumping into business, on how economy of a nation functions. As I watched the economies in socialist countries stagnate while the free market economics grew clearer and more dynamic, I became particularly interested in what had gone wrong with the socialist economies and in the positive aspects of the free market.

Our nation today faces many challenges. True, our total wealth has decreased enormously and we are not benefiting from technological miracles. Millions of our people are living in abject poverty, we face the imminent threat of environmental disaster, and even those in prosperous communities feel insecure about the future. Addressing these problems requires a different kind of leadership, one that sees things as they really are and seeks to resolve them in a diplomatic way.

True leaders have the ability to look at an issue from many perspectives and based on that expanded view, make the right decision. They have calm, collected, and concentrated mind, undisturbed by negative thoughts and emotions and are trained and focused. And true leader recognizes the inevitability of change, the need for a sense of universal responsibility, and the importance of combining an economic system with moral values.

The right view is of no value if it does not lead to the right action and taking the right action is obviously fundamental for the success of our agenda.

Leadership is about making decisions, and not just any decisions, but the right ones. Political leaders make decisions that affect tens or hundreds of millions. Therefore, making the wrong decisions can have disastrous effects. Making the right decisions depend on taking the right view, which leads to the right action. Having the right intention is the first part of the concept of right views on any issue.

Leaders are faced all the time with the necessity of making decisions. When difficult decision arise, on either a personal,  or a national level, the goal is to respond not from a self centered point of view on that issue but from the point of view that take into account the interests of the nation and the people and organizations affected by the decision. 

The first point I always consider in the decision making process is the intention behind the action under consideration. First, the intention must be good, meaning that at a minimum the decision will result in no harm to others. In some cases an action is beneficial to some and unavoidably detrimental to others. Nevertheless, the utmost effort should be made, through creativity and innovation, to reduce as much harm as possible.

The second point is that my state of mind is, as much as possible, that the other people involved in the process, must be good. The challenge is to recognize the origination of any negative effects on the mind, such as defensiveness or anger, and to be able to return the mind to a calm, collected and concentrated state.

When coming to the end of the decision making process, l always asks myself: Are the effects of this decision beneficial for my people, and also for anyone else that is concerned? What is the motivation? Am I only seeking a benefit to myself, or did I also consider the benefits to others?

The situation is even more difficult when it is impossible to avoid harming some people. The best principle is that if harm cannot be avoided, it must eliminate a much greater harm to other people. There is a three stage decision making process. Making the initial decision and checking whether the result is of any harm to others. If not, I then go ahead. If so, I apply my creativity to find another solution that eliminates the harm. If it is completely impossible to avoid harm of some sort, then I have to make certain that this harm is justified because it avoids a much greater harm or because it leads to huge benefits for some other people.

We are a political party of an idea for Peace, Unity and Justice.

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