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Agriculture Plan                                                               


Every Nigerian has got a stake in rural Nigeria. Our farms feed the nation and us at very high costs, at very low quality. They also feed our sense of ourselves. They reinforce our values of hard work and faith and family and devotion to community and the land…. We cannot truly renew our country if we leave our family farmers behind.

Responding to the Farm Aid: I am determining to assist Nigeria's farmers who are suffering through the year of bad weathers, for many crop and livestock losses from severe drought and flooding, I will propose a recovering package N114 billion an emergency assistance for farmers and livestock owners to jump start our agriculture, this includes the strong emergency assistance package which will include educating our farmers, research program helping our farmers to produce better crops and fertile their land.

Providing Loan Assistance: 2016, our administration will propose a guaranteed farm loans and the Agriculture sector will experience an unprecedented cooperation between the banks and the federal government for farm loans and loan guarantees. We will respond by providing over N137 billion for machinery ready to hire for farmers.

Access to Farm Insurance: Our Administration will propose farm insurance program, including making insurance more affordable for farmers, covering multiyear disasters and insuring certain livestock losses, giving farmers the security of knowing that help will be there if disaster strikes. Farm insurance is the primary safety net for farmers following a crop loss.

Helping Cattle Producers: Our administration will work to help bring surplus of cattle to the depressed market, helping slaughter house to bring safe beef and safety in transporting cattle's on our road and to help improve prices in the beef and livestock industry, creating export beef to other Africa nations. I am also determined to work to open additional markets abroad and level the playing field for Nigeria agriculture products.

Farmer Direct Marketing: The Farmer Direct Marketing Plan will lead to development of a web page that provides marketing information for small-scale farmers; links to Federal, State, university and other direct marketing web sites; and includes a bimonthly newsletter.

Modernizing Agriculture Research: I will propose a new funding for the Agriculture Research, Extension, and Education, which will channel an additional N120 billion a year over the next 5 years to vital investments in food and agriculture genome research, food safety and technology, human nutrition, and agricultural biotechnology. These investments will lead to advances in new production systems for crops and livestock. It will provide N96 billion for rural development and innovative agricultural research.

Reaching Out to Small Scale Farmer: Our administration will bring together small-scale, minority, and disadvantaged farmers from different states to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing farmers today. Attendees will learn how to maximize economic potential through the development of effective marketing plans and how to produce and market quality products. We will also hold several workshops for small firms representing a diverse cross section of small meat, poultry, and fruit and vegetable processors and dealers to explore ways to increase small business participation in government purchase programs.

We are a political party of an idea for Peace, Unity and Justice.

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