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Antoinette Tolino

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69 years old
France, England and Canada
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ELECT Omosule For President 2019

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Hi to all,


I m a fan of peace and justice and those who represent law and order!  I believe in the word of Olu James Omosule, because by been abroad he had the chance to experience possitive influence beneficial to the people of Nigeria and I support his vision for possitive changes, in this world of corruption we are all facing.


 Improve the image of Nigeria start by admiting there is a need of a change, problems at home, and lost of trust in the capacity of a great nation like Nigeria, make business and prosperity slow down with relation outside the country. Investors will come less and less... We all need each other.


 We are all children of God regarless color, race, statue, belief, we all bleed the same color, isn't our blood Red?!  We are conceved same way ! This earth belong to God no one else! There is no need to figh over spilled milk...  Peace, understanding and respecting other's view than our own, is what make the futur get forward and good people have a change in life.


Nigeria has lots of intelligent people , an intelligence that could be used to solve a cure for desease, a solution of the forces of nature, its really sad so many use their talent for corruption and easy money, forgetting their is so many suffering from their act, not just foreigners, but Nigerians all over the world, from the bad reputation they get for been Nigerian, not just at home, because a few would sing how they shop for our money, and actually scam good people, calling us stupid, I ask are we really stupid? Or are they themselves? To not see what negative chain of reaction they have created and who is really greedy, the thiefs or honest hard working people? 


 Foreigners victims are just kind people, far from been stupid with a good heart wanting to share their daily bread, following God steps, giving, sharing, nothing is more noble. I heard victims have show how kind they are, willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, a change for them to redeem  themselves.. Its not stupidity it's kindness from their hearts.  


Nothing to be proud of been called a scammer, no more than Mafioso been Italian... or dum blonde... They are names but can hurt so much an image... Nigeria need people that believe in themselves and willing to improve...


I m a miltilingual person with multiple citizenship. Italian Blood, french born, Canadian citizen and UK subject. I was resident in several countries, I gave my life, my health, I worked 18 hours a day, for over 25 years to just get by, it's not me that got rich but the government taking more and more taxes. Your people won't tell you how hard it is, some are also homeless, ashame to let you know the sacrifice they do to send you a bit of money, while they sleep on the floor on an empty stomack!!! I seen them, proud people, working honestly for so little, with the hope of making it! I admire these honest people and I'm proud to be their friend.


  I became homeless, sleeping in the cold street of UK, because I help ungreatfull people...  Hoping to free my white Americain husband from Lagos, who used our savings to contribute to orphanage there, where he was detain. It's been a year now and still not home! Today I worry more than ever, I have no more news, I can't reach him since the day I had manage to get him a ticket home, he was at the airport on the 10 and was stoped from living to come home...He is all I got left and our daughter, today for us materials things don't matter any more, when one day we had almost everything, a home, a car, a bed, food and you kill yourself  over working to end up loosing it al All we want is to be together again! poor but together  .... Since he end up homeless in Lagos and I in UK and her in US, why it had to happen to us, we never harmed any one? But I won't blame the people. God will remember our good actions comming from the heart.


 OLU JAMES OMOSULE  for me he is like a fresh air that Nigeria need so bad. I like his noble vision. Nigerian people are lucky to have one like him as a canditate. I strongly believe he can bring the possitive attribute from his experience, and restore the honor of the country and give back the respect Nigerian citizen deserve in the world. I hope and wish lots of success To the Nation under the leadership of Olu. And at the same time I wish someone help me find my husband and send him home safely PLEASE!




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Reply slyvia4love
3:58 PM on November 30, 2010 
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Reply gideon oscar
7:00 AM on October 22, 2010 
come c me here sweety, u got to know something
Reply adebayo
12:51 PM on June 17, 2010 
if we can have people like you supporting omosule from over there who are we not to b/v him