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We often focused on demographic targets, on limited births, on controlling population, rather than empowering women to make their own autonomous choices. The worst programs following this logic resulted in sterilization campaigns in India and policies for forced abortions in China. The proper approach, the three experts say, is to realize that there is a significant unmet demand for family planning and reproductive health services around the world. Providing women with the opportunity and resources to make meaningful decisions about when and how many children to have gives them more control over their economic future while protecting their human rights. Given those choices, women tend to have smaller families. And over the next century, a secondary result of slower global population growth could be a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, the three experts explain.

Population matters, It is not the largest impact on emissions—it’s not zero either.  While that sounds like a wishy-washy middle-ground conclusion, it’s important because of long-running debates between those arguing that population is the most important consideration for evaluating human impact on the environment and those who say it has nothing to do with it at all. We’re not going to solve all the climate problems—or probably not all other environmental problems—just by slowing population growth. But we will develop a pathways and the nature of economic growth around the nation that will provide the context in which Nigeria societies would address climate change. In developing countries, urbanization is associated with rising per-capital emissions; as population’s age, their per-capital emissions decline. So population is one part of that social context.

Population, demographic change, does have consequences for emissions—and its okay to raise that issue in our administration, It does not mean necessarily that it follows that demographically related policies are the best way to respond to climate change. But we will do our best to make sure we care for our environment that we all live.

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