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Make a difference in your community and Adopt-A-Street!

Enviromental & Population

Individuals or groups can help support storm water management; Rainwater that has reached the surface that will soak into the ground or flow overland and litter control by keeping the street, curb, sidewalk and storm gutters free of trash and debris.

The Adopt-A-Street will be design to support litter control and storm water management throughout Nigeria, while providing residents with an opportunity to do something positive for the community by volunteering to keep our neighborhood clean.


·         Sweep the curb, gutter lines, and sidewalk of the adopted street, on a quarterly basis.

·         Remove litter along the adopted street, on a quarterly basis or as needed.

·         Schedule a pick-up for sweeping debris to be collected by City Waste Management staff.

·         Update the tasks you completed of your street adopting duties, each quarter.

·         Report any of the following hazardous conditions, as needed, along the adopted street.

Make a visible impact on the local environment - help keep Nigeria a beautiful and clean place to live, work, and visit.

As President, I will work hard to secure the public health and environmental protections that the Nigerian people want and deserve, while still nurturing one of the strongest economies in our history.

We will prove that anyone who tells you that you must choose between the environment and the economy is offering you a false choice. We can -- and must -- have both. They are goals in concert, not conflict.

A new, strengthened Safe Drinking Water Act to ensure that our families are guaranteed clean, healthy tapwater.

We must recognize that the work of environmental protection is not a job done just in Abuja -- or even state capitals. Ultimately, it is a job that must be done community by community.

When you combine both the wasted time with the wasted burning gas we release into atmosphere, the cost to the economy is almost N374 billion. Think of that – N374 billion literally up in smoke. How many schools could we build with that money? How many college educations could we pay for? How many ophans could we care for?

Our plan offers a creative way for states and communities to buy up even more of those 900,000 kilometers of abandoned rail lines and turn them into trails and greenways.

As our fore fathers and their generation recognized their duty to save our most beautiful places -- our greatest places - so must we recognize our duty to grow different, to grow smart. To recreate that which made this country so great -- a sense of community -- we need to create those shared places, be they trails, local parks, or perhaps even a simple sidewalk. Shared places where we can come to know our neighbours as more than someone we simply pass in the car -- windows rolled up -- a small wave the extent of our communication. It’s time to lead!


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 Economic   Transportation   Educational System     Health Care    Agriculture

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