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The best citizens of our country, the original leading citizens of our country, the most influential citizen of our country were the voters, you! Everyone knows that a dead fish floats downstream. There is nothing easier than doing nothing. That is what got our country into the trouble we are in today. If Nigeria is going to be reclaimed its glory, it is going to require some people who are resolved to be a force for good, if you wish to be part of that force, vote, take part in our democratic process.

At some point an anti-democratic is going to try to intimidate you into silence. Which I called road block to the democracy.  Resist that intimidation. Be stubborn about Democratic system. Right about morality, don’t be bullied by the other political party, sometimes what you refuse to do is as important as what you do. Since the problem most Nigerians have is in allowing wrong to go unchalleged. You need to resolve yourself to refuse to give in to the forces that hate your country.

I refuse to let anyone change my country into something it was never intended to be.

I refuse to allow myself to be bullied into silence by those who wish to turn my country away from it glory.

I refuse to let my failure stop me.

I refuse to back down from a confrontation in defense of my country and the constitution.

I refuse to let my country be defined by those who don’t love it.

So what this great nation founded to advance multi-culturalism, enjoy free enterprise. The hightes glory of the Nigerian civil war was this that it connected in one indissoluble bond, the principles of civil government with the principles of the rule of law.

When opponent rised up to try to create a fog of confusing definition of what Nigeria and Nigerians really are, when you hear and argurment and come away confused, you know you have been attacked by someone who means you no good. Therefore, it is best to define yourself and stick by that definition even where pressed by a mean ant-democratic of our country, say.

I am a Nigeria; I will not join criticisms of my country, its history, its language or it people.

I am a Nigeria; I will respect and defend the flag of my country.

I am a Nigeria; I will glady pledge my allegiance to this “One Nation under God”.

I am a Nigeria; I will give my employer an honest day’s work.

I am a Nigeria; I will endeavor to keep myself pure from the corruptions that weaken my power to do good.

I am a Nigeria; I will vote for the one who believe in my ideas.

We are a political party of an idea for Peace, Unity and Justice.

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Transportation    Environmental     Educational System     Health Care    Economic


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