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Problems solver: Everybody has an idea how to fix the problem of "corruption" violence in the city. But surely there are certain legal powers in a democracy that should be only held by the police.   When you live in a society, you either live by the rules, or, by democratic process, you change them. You don’t break them. Under our administration police will go through extensive education about the legal and practical limits of their powers.  They will be accountable to their superiors.  If there is one thing about Nigerian public debates, everybody has a lot of bright ideas - we don't lack for initiatives or proposals or different ways to do things.   Government policies should be as direct as possible.  Thinking outside the box is great but when it comes to problems of law and order, we will not forget the box is there. 

We will build roads that will cover hundreds of thousands of kilometers connecting the furthest cities and states of Nigeria.  We will build water tanks that will supply clean water for the people of Nigeria.  Our political reforms will destined to bring Nigeria closer not apart.

Encouraging Investment in our Communities: Our small business initiative will help bring economic development and renewal to communities that have not benefited from the soaring Abuja economy by spurring more than N330 billion in new investments in cities and rural areas so that local people can start their small businesses which can potentially employe more that 10 million Nigerians within two years.  Increasing access to technology and bridging the growing economy will be a top priority for my administration.  Our budget will include comprehensive initiatives to bridge the age of technology, broaden access to computers and training, and create new opportunity for all Nigerians.  I will lead the nation in an effort to become One Nigeria: a place where we respect the differences of others and embrace the common values that unite us.  I will be actively involved in public outreach efforts to engage Nigerians in this historic effort and followw up on these initiatives by appointing the best men for the job when appointing my cabinet members.  As of the moment our campaign is working to ensure that we have a coordinated strategy to close the opportunity gaps that exist for the under served in this country, and build the Nigeria we want for all of our nation’s children.

SAFER COMMUNITIES: To help keep crime at record lows, in 2012, our administration will commit to fund an additional 150,000 police officers for our communities. This will give states more ability to police themselves while the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) will still remain as the national police force. The second funding for the state police will go toward our goal of hiring up to 50,000 more officers by the end of 2012 to police the police officers internally. The year 2012 budget will include over N81 billion to continue the successful Police Reform initiative to hire more officers. Another N125 billion to hire new local prosecutors, and give police the tools and technology they need to fight crime, and to fund city-wide crime fighting efforts.

Preventing Religious Crimes: We must set a new course, that means no one should fight, riot, kill any individual based on religion and tribe.  We will propose over N45 billion for preventing such religious crimes and educate our citizens about the eveil of religious crime in Nigeria.  The bugdeg will include N120 million to promote police integrity and for religious crimes training for federal, state, and local law enforcement.  We will support increasing resources for new police recruits, on civil right training and to improve the diversity of local police forces.

Gun Enforcement:  We will propose a gun enforcement initiative in our first year in office.  This initiative will provide a record N80 billion to add 500 new federal agents and inspectors to the drug enforcement agency to target violent gun criminals and illegal gun traffickers that supply guns to criminals and juveniles, and fund over 200 new federal, state, and local gun prosecutors to take dangerous gun offenders off the streets.  This initiative would also expand the drug enforcement agents' gun tracing program by providing tracing equipment and training to law enforcement agencies by creating the first nationally integrated ballistics testing system.  The new ballistics testing system will help law enforcement agents use the unique "fingerprints" of bullets or shell casings left at the scene of a crime to identify gun criminals -- even in the absence of the firearm. Finger prints will be store in data from driver license office.

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