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Why We Must Fix an Unfair Health care System in Nigeria?

We are getting less care and have fewer doctors. The true seems almost beside the point. Nigerians are getting nervous and that is not good news for health care system. If we like what we have, we can keep the same government. Health care will not change, but get worse.

We are neither impartial nor indifferent to the needs of those we love. When someone in our families is ill, we do every thing in our power to get them every medical intervention whose benefits outweigh the harms. We desperately want them to have the best.

But we are always painfully aware that what we can do for our families, many other people cannot. And we are also aware that there is no morally defensible reason why we are in this position and they are not. Our system is just unfair.

Putting aside the contentious issue of whether those wealthy enough to absorb such costs deserve to be that much better off, no family should have to be in the awful position of being unable to secure critical medical care because they cannot afford it.

So what does this have to do with a personal moral responsibility to support Masses Movement of Nigeria? We each have a duty to take care of our loved ones and that extends, of course, to making sure that what is good and valuable about the health care they now have is preserved. But don’t be misled into thinking you are being asked to trade away your family’s interests. We will be more secure with health care reform than we are now if we change our government.

We can be good citizens and morally responsible neighbors, and still do right by those we love. We want a country in which all families, not just ours, have affordable, high quality health care. Don’t you?


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