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The Demand and System Management Element which includes provisions for both Transportation Demand Management and Transportation Systems Management, will provides a master plan for proactively managing the travel demand generated by residents, employees, and visitors to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of all elements of Nigeria's transportation network.

Nigeria will have an extensive network of streets and highways that includes federal roadway that will connect states highways, state primary and secondary highways, city, village and local residential streets.  These facilities will serve and connect the neighborhoods and urban village centers within state and provide connections to the surrounding cities and local government.  Since each state to be responsible to the core of the local region, these plans also provide bypass, passage to and through each town for the many people that live and work all around it.

Managing streets using this workable point of view is a complex and often highly charged task. The purpose of the Streets Element of the Master Transportation Plan is to provide a framework for addressing and managing these often-conflicting streets uses, by continually maintenance.

For decades good roads and road maintenance have not been normal in our country. I will support and approval of ministry of Transportation to develop a schedule for periodic roadway resurfacing, tree trimming, introduce guardrail in place, roadway mowing, and a better signage upgrading; what will provide safe highway travel. Good, well maintained road daily imparts our work commute, transporting school children and the delivery of emergency service, a value for all citizens that we all deserve.

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Economic   Environmental     Educational System     Health Care    Agriculture

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